Understanding the Cell (Biology-on-disc) by Denson K. McLain

Understanding the Cell (Biology-on-disc)

Book Title: Understanding the Cell (Biology-on-disc)

Publisher: AudioText

ISBN: 1884612490

Author: Denson K. McLain

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Denson K. McLain with Understanding the Cell (Biology-on-disc)

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UNDERSTANDING THE CELL is a comprehensive study guide at the college introductory level on 3 CDs. Within each section, key words and concepts are introduced, discussed, then reviewed prior to moving on. Topics included: Life and Order,; Atoms and Elements; Water; pH; Biochemicals; Transport across the Cell Membrane; Cell Organization; Enzyme Regulation; Glycolysis; TCA Cycle and Electron Transport; Mitochondria; Chloroplasts; Photosynthesis; Protein Synthesis; and DNA Replication. The audio format allows students to make the most of their time by giving them the freedom to study by listening.